The Original Kimball Popcorn Ball

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The ORIGINAL Kimball Popcorn Ball provides the best and most unique popcorn balls available today.

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Kimball Popcorn Ball
Look for The ORIGINAL Kimball Popcorn Ball in a store near you. If your favorite store doesn’t carry The ORIGINAL Kimball Popcorn Ball, request they do or contact us directly.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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Kimball, SD 57355
(605) 778-6445
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“We recently traveled through South Dakota and picked up one of your popcorn balls at a gas station on the way through…..YUM!! We live in Minnesota and I was wondering if there is anyone close to us that sells your product? If not, is there any place to order online? If this service is not currently available, you should consider starting it, for these of us that live out in the boonies!! Thank you, in advance, for any help you can give me concerning this matter. I look forward to having another one of your tasty treats soon and would also like to give them as Christmas gifts to friends and family”.
Laurel from Minnesota

Kimball Popcorn Ball Fan