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Our product is currently carried by the following Distribution Companies:

  • Affiliated Foods Midwest

  • Amcon (1-800-658-2231)

  • Big D Snacks (402-640-9071)

  • Chamberlain Wholesale (1-800-658-3093)

  • Farner-Bocken (605-359-3150)

  • Hyvee Grocery Chain

  • KPB Sales and Distribution (605-730-2822)

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Kimball Popcorn Ball Fan:

“Your popcorn balls are by far the best I’ve ever had! Soft and chewy, not hard and crunchy (like mine usually turn out) Now I don’t ever have to make any more. I’ll just get them from you guys”.

Roxanne from Minnesota


Kimball Popcorn Ball Fan:

“My husband was hunting in Faulkton S.D. and brought me one of your popcorn balls. He knew I liked popcorn balls, but now I LOVE popcorn balls. The ones I ate from the grocery stores will now forever be called ‘blah balls’. He goes to S. D. once a year, so now I don’t mind him going so much anymore (as long as he brings me some more popcorn balls)”.

Pat from Michigan